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24 February, 2014
Signing of contract for Albania
«StroyMehanika» LTD signed the contract with a company «ALART shpk», Albania.
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December 5, 2013
Supply of equipment to Nigeria

"StroyMehanika" LTD signed the contract with a Nigerian company "KINGSDALE MULTI-RESOURCES LIMITED" for supply of machinery on "Sistrom" technology.
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November 11, 2013
Sales contract for supply of equipment to Iraq
On November 8, 2013 the company "Stroymechanika" OOO signed the sales contract with company "ISOCRETE Factory" for supply of equipment for foam concrete, polystyrene concrete to Iraq.
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Foam concrete mixer NAVIGATOR V3

The application of foam concrete mixer NAVIGATOR V3 made possible the production of qualitative foam concrete by density from 300 to 1400 kg/m³. The concrete mixer is applied both on building site and production shop. Capacity of foam concrete mixer is up to 40 m³/shift.

Foam concrete production line
AMK "StroyFoamBeton 80"

The foam concrete production line АМК "StroyFoamBeton 80" is intended to prepare high quality foam concrete mix in automatic mode. Capacity of the line is 80 m³/shift. The plant includes the equipment produced by the enterprise serially and well approved on the construction market in Russia.

Universal portable foam generator TRITON 2M

Universal portable foam generator TRITON 2М is intended to receive fine-dispersed foam of different ratio used in foam concrete production based on cement or cement-lime binding material. Foam generator TRITON 2М works with synthetic and organic foaming agents. The foam capacity of the foam generator is from 60 to 200 liter per minute and allows to produce foam concrete by density of 200-1600 kg/m³ in vertical and horizontal mixers by volume from 0.08 to 2 m³.
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the equipment to produce polystyrene concrete
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the equipment for foam concrete production
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Turbulent mixers
Mixers with lay shaft
Equipment for fluid components
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Ready projects
Mobile equipment
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Chemical agents

What is foam concrete?

Foam concrete is the type of cellular concrete. Foam concrete is created by uniform distribution of air-cells through all weight of concrete. Unlike gas concrete, foam concrete come out not by means of chemical reactions, but by mechanical mixing of preliminary prepared foam with a the concrete mix.

The advantages of foam concrete application in the construction industry.

  1. Foam concrete has lower price in comparison with other building materials.
  2. Foam concrete service life under normal operation conditions is unlimited. In the course of time foam concrete became just stronger.
  3. The foam concrete weight is much less, than weight of standard heavy concretes. It leads to considerable economy in structure skeleton, the substructures, abutments or piles.
  4. The foam concrete lightness, bigger dimensions of blocks in comparison with the brick allow to increase the speed of a laying in several times and consequently to reduce expenses for building.
  5. Foam concrete has good durability along with high isolation characteristics.
  6. The good heat-insulating characteristics give advantages in energy saving for foam concrete made buildings, that allows to cut expenses on heating during the operation.
  7. Foam concrete is a good sound-absorbing material, that’s why foam concrete can be used as an acoustical insulating layer on plates of constructional concrete.
  8. Foam concrete is not subject to rotting and ageing, the foam concrete does not allocate toxic matters at operation that guarantees the full safety of foam concrete products for the person.
  9. The foam concrete products correspond to the first degree of fire resistance that is approved by the correspondent tests. The foam concrete suits well for application in fire-resistant constructions: at intensive heating the foam concrete is not bristled and does not blown up, in contrast to heavy concretes.
  10. The foam concrete is well processed, it can be sawn by manual saw, squared and hammered nails.
  11. The good of weight and volume ration of foam concrete and foam concrete constructions allows to cut considerably transport and montage expenses, to lower labour input of works.
  12. The large range of received densities (from 400 to 1600 kg/m³) allows to use foam concrete in many fields of application, depending on purposes of foam concrete products and their working conditions.
  13. The foam concrete is extremely easy in levelling and it can be used as a surface by thickness up to 40 mm.

The advantages in operation with our enterprise:

  • The equipment manufactured by our enterprise for foam concrete production as a separate units as supplied as a part of production lines, are modern and reliable.
  • We sell equipment for foam concrete production at the lowest price.
  • We guarantee the high quality of received foam concrete.
  • The operating life and minimal wear of the equipment allow us to offer 12 months of guarantee period for our customer.
  • We supply equipment with complete set of documents for foam concrete production.
  • We provide the customer with all things necessary for foam concrete production and render technical and economic consulting.
  • We improve constantly the technological process of foam concrete production.

On the web site of the machine building enterprise "Stroymechanika" the equipment, necessary chemical agents, and technologies for foam concrete (cellular concrete) production are presented. They are turbulent foam concrete mixers of series "NAVIGATOR" (capacity from 2 to 8 m³ foam concrete per hour), mixing complexes of series "HYACINTH" (capacity up to 10 m³ foam concrete per hour), high productive foam generator TRITON 5М, intended for foam regeneration at foam concrete production, production complexes of series "StroyFoamConcrete" capacity from 12 to 160 m³ per shift, intended for foam concrete mix production and its further molding on moulding equipment – high-accuracy metal moulds of series "LASERGORM", metal and plastic moulds of series "VERGELOCK", high-accuracy moulds of series "PROFI", metal moulds of series "FORMBLOCK"; as well as foam concrete mobile turbulent mixers NAVIGATOR V3 EXPRESS, intended for operation just on building sites, chemical agents for foam concrete production (foaming agents, setting accelerators) and optional equipment.


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