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24 February, 2014
Signing of contract for Albania
StroyMehanika LTD signed the contract with a company ALART shpk, Albania.
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December 5, 2013
Supply of equipment to Nigeria

"StroyMehanika" LTD signed the contract with a Nigerian company "KINGSDALE MULTI-RESOURCES LIMITED" for supply of machinery on "Sistrom" technology.
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November 11, 2013
Sales contract for supply of equipment to Iraq
On November 8, 2013 the company "Stroymechanika" OOO signed the sales contract with company "ISOCRETE Factory" for supply of equipment for foam concrete, polystyrene concrete to Iraq.
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Peristaltic pump (hose-type) grouting pump CORNET 7000

The peristaltic pump (hose-type) mortar pump CORNET 7000 by the engineering enterprise "Stroymechanika" is intended to pump and batching conveying of chemical active and neutral liquids, high-abrasive, high-viscous mediums of the density up to 3000 kg/m³ at temperature from -20 ° to +70 °.

The pumping of the materials inclined to lamination which components differs considerably by density, viscous and abrasive masses, such as building mortars, foam concrete and polystyrene concrete mixes are not the full range of the problems successfully solved with use of peristaltic (hose-type) pumps of series "CORNET".

The peristaltic (hose-type) grouting pump of series "CORNET" is a volume self-priming pump those working part is the special rubber hose. The pump CORNET 7000 includes a case, a gear motor mounted on the case and being a grouting pump actuator, a rotor with two adjustable clamping rollers, a hose and branch pipes (inlet and outlet). At gear motor operation the torque moment enteres a rotor working in the glycerin of which clamping rollers press completely and are rolled on the hose installed around internal perimeter of the pump case, thus the medium which is before the roller, is completely pressed out in the outlet pipeline. Behind clamping rollers the hose restores fully its form and sucks the portion of the pumping medium. The abrasive particles are pressed into the elastic inner layer of the hose, then, pushed out in the flow, not damaging the hose. It is admitted the presence of solids in the pumping mortar. Their size is no more than 10% in total weight and no more than 15% from the internal diameter of the hose for single particles.

Replacement of working hose:
The service element of the grouting pump CORNET is a rubber hose. The replacement of the hose of peristaltic pump is made in 240-2000 hours of continuous operation.

The application with construction mixes operation:
The peristaltic (hose-type) grouting pump of "CORNET" series has perfectly proved at work with foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, sand-and- cement mix, and also light-weight aggregates mixes as a part of production lines AM "StroyPolyBeton 40" and AM "StroyFoamBeton 40" conveying the finished concrete mix from mixers BSL 500 DELTA and RBS 500 HYACINTH to molding equipment.

The grouting pumps of "CORNET" series are applied on the construction sites together with mixers BSL 500 DELTA, COMPASS 300 SUPERMIX and with turbulent mixers NAVIGATOR V3 at flooring and floor heat insulation, as well as at pouring of fresh mix into a mould.

Application of peristaltic pump as a batcher:
It is possible to batch the pumped mortar due to application of the frequency converter as a part of the control box. Peristaltic (hose-type) pumps of "CORNET" series together with the frequency converter helps to adjust the supply in a range from 10 to 100 % with accuracy of 1,5 %. The control box of the automated control system of the complex of which the peristaltic pump is a part, can control and adjust the capacity of the pump.

Peristaltic (hose-type) grouting pump "CORNET" can be equipped with a hopper to receive material from a mixer. The service bin of the pump allows to convey material continuously using the batch-type mixers that is especially important at works, where the break is not permitted or absolutely denied (mechanical plastering, pouring of forms etc.). The pumping units are also equipped with wheel chassis to make easier the transportation through building sites.

Competitive advantages of peristaltic (hose-type) pump:

  • Reliability, tightness, simplicity in exploitation, maintainability.
  • Low exploitation price.
  • Absolute tightness, no sealings.
  • Mortar supply by portions.
  • Reverse operation, self-cleaning of pump with reversal of rotation.
  • Saving of content of pumped medium.
  • No contact between pumping medium and moving metal parts.
  • Spill suction from horizontal surfaces.
  • Application of high-quality hose of domestic production, hose service life is 240-2000 hours depending on the pumping liquid.
  • Quick hose replacement (the only one wearing part of the grouting pump), do not disassemble the grouting pump at replacement.
  • Application of reliable and powerful gear motor by  (MOTOVARIO, Italy) production as pump actuator.

Optional packaging arrangement:

  • Control box SHu CORNET.
  • Service hopper by volume 500 liters.

Composition of the pump

Overall dimensions

Technical characteristics

Capacity, m³/h up to 7
Pressure, MPa up to 1,5
Distance of mortar supply, m:
- vertically
- horizontally
Power supply, V 380
Installed power, kW 5,5
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm 1190×850×641
Internal hose diameter, mm 50
Rotor revolutions, min 1
Diameter of inlet/outlet branch pipe, mm 50/50
Permissible maximal dimension of inclusions, mm 10
Quantity of attendants, pc. 1
Weight, kg ~250

Peristaltic pump "CORNET" is a combination of simplicity of design, reliability and high pump capacity at compact dimensions.


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