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24 February, 2014
Signing of contract for Albania
StroyMehanika LTD signed the contract with a company ALART shpk, Albania.
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December 5, 2013
Supply of equipment to Nigeria

"StroyMehanika" LTD signed the contract with a Nigerian company "KINGSDALE MULTI-RESOURCES LIMITED" for supply of machinery on "Sistrom" technology.
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November 11, 2013
Sales contract for supply of equipment to Iraq
On November 8, 2013 the company "Stroymechanika" OOO signed the sales contract with company "ISOCRETE Factory" for supply of equipment for foam concrete, polystyrene concrete to Iraq.
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Screw mortar pump SOSNA 4,6.500

The screw (gyratory) mortar pump SOSNA 4,6.500 by production of the machine building enterprise "Stroymechanika" is intended for pumping (pressure pumping) of the wet mortars, complex multicomponent mixes particularly sensitive to mechanical effects.

The pumping of materials inclined to be disintegrated, that components have different densities (e.g. polystyrene concrete), sticky and abrasive masses, foam concrete mixes, - it is not the full range of tasks resolved successfully with use of screw (gyratory) mortar pumps of series "SOSNA".

The usability and reliability, universality and low operating costs, low power loading and large output are the traditional advantages of screw pumps ensuring its large application on the building sites of Russia and CIS countries at the execution of different works connected with the conveying and pumping of mortars, pastas, and suspensions.

The screw (gyratory) mortar pump is a volumetric self-priming pump. The operating mechanism of the pump is replaceable gyratory pair. The gyratory pair, in its turn, includes a elastic fixed coil, and screw rotor.

It is just the gyratory pair that is a main part of the screw mortar pump, its design determines the technical characteristics of the unit. So, the pumping distance of material as well as material quantity pumping per unit time, depend on rotating frequency of screw rotor, lead of screw, its length, and total volume of stator cavity. More the length is and lower the lead of the screw is, higher the pressure made by the pump is. More the volume of fixed coils cavities are and higher the rotating frequency of the rotor is, higher the capacity of the mortar pump is. Some of the above mentioned characteristics effect deeply not only technical characteristics, but the operating features of the mortar pump. As a rule, the gyratory pairs that are the principle parts of the modern construction mortar pumps , have a casing that provides the optimal balance of conveying and pressure at high operating resources of parts contacting with transported material.

The screw (gyratory) mortar pump of series "SOSNA" includes a bin for reception of a material from mixing plant. The feed bin of the mortar pump helps to convey material continuously at use of the batch mixing equipment that is very important at performance of works, where the shutdown is undesirable or inadmissible at all (at mechanical plaster application, filling of moulds etc.) To make easy the transportation of mortars pumps through building sites the pump units are often equipped with wheel chassis.

The absolute majority of screw mortar pumps of the building purposes, intended for continuous work with great volumes of sticky and compact mortars, are equipped with gearmotors, that can capable to transfer high enough torsion torque. The capacity of mortar pump drive depends first of all on the needed pressure (the pressure defining the distance and height of material supply, Pa) and supply (material volume pumped per unit time, m³/hour), and also from viscosity and density of the pumped material. The gyratory mortar pump SOSNA 4,6.500 is equipped with pair from the leading world manufacturer of Wilhelm Kaechele GmbH (Germany) company, and the gear motors of SITI spa (Italy) well recommended in different exploitation conditions are used as a drive.

The screw mortar pumps SOSNA 4,6.500 are used in eth production line AMK "StroyPolyConcrete 40" and AMK "StroyFoamConcrete 40" at the conveying of concrete mix from mixers BSL 1000 DELTA and RBS 1000 HYACINTH to the moulding tooling. The mortar pumps SOSNA 4,6.500 are used on the building sites together with mixer BSL 500 DELTA and mixers COMPASS 300 SUPERMIX and turbulent mixers NAVIGATOR V3 to make floors, make warmer roofs, as well as to fill in moulds with ready mixed mortar.

The competitive advantages of screw mortar pumps of series "SOSNA":

  • application of reliable gear motor as a drive;
  • low operating cost;
  • capacity up to 5 m³/hour;
  • feed hopper by volume of 500 liters;
  • qualitative screw (gyratory) pair;
  • quick-disconnecting joint KAMLOCK in standard set;
  • OEM components of famous world manufacturers:       

Technical characteristics

Capacity for mortar flow of 10 cm and more (specified in GOST 5802-86), m³/h 4,6
Pressure, MPa 1,8 (18)
Practical pumping distance, m
- horizontal
- vertical
Hose diameter of pressure pipeline, mm 50
Rated power, kW 5,5
Type of current AC, three-phase
Frequency, Hz 50
Voltage, V 380
Hopper's volume, l 500
Maximum permissible dimensions of inclusions, max, mm 10
Rated overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm 1860×1320×775
Weight, kg 125

Overall dimensions

Gyratory mortar pumps of series "SOSNA" is the equipment adapted as close as possible to real conditions of domestic construction industry, the large range of characteristics of pressure/conveying, volume of feed hopper, and drive power to be chosen, as well as spare parts from leading world manufacturers.


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