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AMK "StroyFoamBeton 80"


24 February, 2014
Signing of contract for Albania
StroyMehanika LTD signed the contract with a company ALART shpk, Albania.
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December 5, 2013
Supply of equipment to Nigeria

"StroyMehanika" LTD signed the contract with a Nigerian company "KINGSDALE MULTI-RESOURCES LIMITED" for supply of machinery on "Sistrom" technology.
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November 11, 2013
Sales contract for supply of equipment to Iraq
On November 8, 2013 the company "Stroymechanika" OOO signed the sales contract with company "ISOCRETE Factory" for supply of equipment for foam concrete, polystyrene concrete to Iraq.
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"StroyFoamBeton 60 COMPACT S"

 Questionnaire to order set of equipment

1 - Cement silo 50 m³ with screw conveyor VK 219 (cement conveying); 2 - Belt conveyor LK 500(5 m by length) with feed bin (sand conveying); 3 - Mixing complex RBS 1000 HYACINTH; 4 - Foundation frame with weighting system for mixing plant RBS HYACINTH 1000; 5 - Automated control system of complex SAU 600 LOGIC; 6 - Hose pump KORNET 7; 7 - Receiving bin of hose pump KORNET 7; 8 - Hose pump KORNET 7 control board; 9 - Automatic water pump batcher POTOK 8.150; 10 - Control box of pneumatic system; 11 - Air compressor 2; 12 - Water tank of 1 m³.

Nowadays foam concrete and foam concrete products are much in demand in the Russian construction market. Last time the demand for automated production lines capacity from 40 to 100 m³ and more for foam concrete production increased. The cause is the minimal use of manual labor. The engineering enterprise "Stroymechanika" being a leading manufacturer and designer of equipment for foam concrete production, offers the unique automated compact lines "StroyFoamBeton COMPACT" (further in the text AMK "StroyFaomBeton COMPACT").

AMK "StroyFaomBeton COMPACT" are the unique serial automated lines in Russia, intended directly for foam concrete production.

The lines AMK "StroyFoamBeton COMPACT" have high output at compact dimensions. The foam concrete production of low densities (from 300 kg/m³) is possible using "StroyFoamBeton COMPACT" complex.

The competitive advantages of "StroyFoamBeton COMPACT S" complex are:

  • Operation in manual and automatic mode due to high automation level;
  • Application of parts of well-known world manufacturers provide the reliability of the complex: parts for pneumatic system of  company (FESTO, Germany), gear motor of  company (Motowario, Italy), components for control box of  company (LG, South Korea),   company (ABB, Germany), logic controllers SAU 600 LOGIC of  company (ABC-MK, Russia);
  • Quick payback of the complex due to low price;
  • The universality of applied raw materials helps to operate with different materials;
  • High batching accuracy of used materials (0,1% - 0,2%) helps to low prime cost;
  • The considerable power saving due to low power consumption;
  • The geometrical accuracy and well-designed general view of ready products will satisfy the most exacting customer;
  • High capacity ensures the productive efficiency;
  • Direct exploitation at building site due to self-reacting feature of the complex;
  • Short putting into operation period makes possible to start manufacturing and selling of products as quick as possible.

The intelligent automatic control system SAU 600 LOGIC, controls the complex "StroyFoamBeton 60 COMPACT S". It is developed by well-known Russian company "ABS-MK" - partner of the engineering company "Stroymechanika" especially for this complex. The system operates both automatically and manually.

The application of system SAU 600 LOGIC permits to reduce personnel, working on the construction site, that have a positive influence on payback period and quality of ready products.

The distinctive features of AMK "StroyFomBton 60 COMPACT S":

  1. The unit design of "COMPACT" series is made without application of the batcher of inert and binding materials. The sand and cement are batched just in the mixer's tank that is equipped with reliable and high-precision weighing system. It helped to reduce the size of the line and made easier the search of appropriate production premises to install the production line.
  2. A new development of engineering enterprise "Stroymechanika" - peristaltic (hose) mortar pump KORNET 7 is applied in the AMK "StroyFoamBeton 60 COMPACT S" instead of screw pump of "SOSNA" series. The mortar pump is equipped with a bin to receive material from mixing plant, that helps to convey material continuously at application of ) batch-type mixing equipment. The main advantages of mortar pump is: saving of structure of pumping medium, total tightness, lack of sealing, batched mortar conveyance, reverse operation, self-cleaning of the pump by changing the rotation direction.

Content of the complex AMK "StroyFoamBeton 60 COMPACT S" capacity of 60 m³/shift:

Nomination Technical characteristics Quantity
1 Cement silo 50 m³ with screw conveyor VK 219 (cement conveying) Tank diameter 2,4 m, tank height 11,4 m 1 set
2 Belt conveyor LK 500 (5 m by length) with feed bin (sand conveyance) Overall dimensions 8000×1020×595 mm
Weight 350 kg
1 set
3 Mixing plant RBS 1000 HYACINTH Overall dimensions 1750×1200×1850 mm
Power consumption 11 kW
Capacity up to 10 m³/h
1 set
4 Foundation frame with weighting system for mixing plant RBS HYACINTH 1000 Overall dimensions 2060×2060×3117 mm 1 set
5 Automated control system SAU 600 LOGIC LG
Overall dimensions 600×360×600 mm
Weight 50 kg
1 set
6 Peristaltic (hose) pump KORNET 7 Overall dimensions 1190×850×641 mm
Weight 170 kg
1 set
7 Receiving bin of peristaltic pump KORNET 7 Overall dimensions 1300×1100×1100 mm
Weight 250 kg
1 set
8 Control board of peristaltic pump KORNET 7   1 set
9 Automatic water pump batcher POTOK 8.150 Overall dimensions 600×430×350 mm
Power consumption 1,2 kW
Weight 30 kg
1 set
10 Control board of pneumatic air-operated system Overall dimensions 600×500×200 mm
Weight 30 kg
1 set
11 Air compressor 2 Overall dimensions 130×62×125 mm
Power consumption 5,5 kW
1 set
12 Water tank 1 m³ Overall dimensions 1000×1000×1000 mm
Weight 10 kg
1 set

Technical characteristics

Capacity, m³/shift up to 60
Installed capacity, kW 50,8
Weight, kg ˜ 3000
Total production area, m² up to 400
Ceiling height, mm up to 3500
Water pump batcher POTOK 8.150 Mixing complex RBS of "HYACINTH" series
Belt conveyor LK 500 Peristaltic (hose) pump KORTNET 7
Cement silo of 50 m³ Water tank of 1 m³

The delivery set includes:

  • Operation manual.
  • Technical schedule for production of articles of AMK "StroyFoamBeton".
  • Staff training to work with equipment.

Optional services:

Chemical agents

 Questionnaire to order set of equipment


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